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Masjid Jaamia Muhammadiyya


Jaamia Muhammadiya located in Madinah Village near Commerce Georgia,is in the process of building a Jaami'a Masjid and Madraasah. Both the Jaami'a Masjid and Madraasah are near completion. Future plans upon completion of the two facilities are to establish a full time Islamic Academy. The curriculum will include: Ilm ul Qur'an, 'Ilm ul Tafsir, 'Ilm ul Hadith, 'Ilm ul Fiqh (Hanafi), Adaab ul Mu'aasharat, Akhaam ul Tajweed, and 'Ilm ul Aqaaid (Ahl as Sunnah Aqeedah from "Aqeedah Tahawiyyah")

Address :

115 Madinah Rd

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