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Mesjid Al Azhar Air Tawar Padang


This mosque is organized and managed by lecturers, students as well as moslem community around UNP Campus UNP.The Advisers of the mosque organization is Rector of UNP (Prof. Dr. Z. Mawardi Effendi, Prof. Yanuar Kiram and Prof. DR. Nizwardi Jalinus M.Ed) The dayli top manager is Drs. Sukardi MT. Drs. Mas ud etc.

Address :

Jl. Prof Dr. Hamka

Phone :

62-0751 - 7052664

Website :

Not Available!

Al Azhar Mosque is located in the front of Padang State University(UNP) Campus, with the address is Jalan Prof. Dr. Hamka Kampus Airtawar Padang. West Sumatera . Indonesia.

Qibla Direction

Qibla Direction

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