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Alfurqan Mosque


For daily and Friday prayers (salat), and libraries n any weekly video islamic classes ,and Alhamdullah we began by this date 01.12.2004, daily lessons and lectures about different topics concerning the Quran & Alsona ,the certain time for this activities is from 5.00 till 7.30

Address :

Alfurqan Mosque 6th student hostel Zayton, Yerevan, Yerevan, Yerevan 375045, ARMENIA

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Not Available!

Masjid- ul - furqan , Zeitoon , yerevan Van No : 98, 19, 78, 76,38 comes here Established by Muslim students , acts as a place for daily prayers , Jumah n a newly esablished islamic library , consisting of books , cd\'s , audio & video cassets in English ,

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