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African bureau for sports consultancy


1-Managing footballers: from Africa ,Asia and Europe to any place Gulf, EAst Africa, Asia and Europe. 2- Arranging campings and frendly matches for National teams and clubs across Africa to Asia. 3- searching coaching jobs for interprising coaches fromAfrica, Asia and Europe. to any place in the world.

Address :

P.O. box 250 Nima Accra Ghana

Phone :


Website :

Not Available!

Offices . Branch one: Alhuda -Al ISlami office. Att: Brother Abdul Mimin Osman. Alias ( Galas ).pigfarm road. Branch two: two: islamic research .off Nima High way. near Kardo Grand Mosque. Forieng Branch : Khaitan , Area nO; 1 Ibn Mukaffa,a st. op

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