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Alimpo: Halal-lihaa; Oriental, African and mediterranean food and delicatesses


Bismillah Elrahman Elrahim, The Halal-lihaa shop is specialized in fresh halal lamb, beef and in cha allah in the near future chicken as well. Frozeb halal meat also can be found. Oriental food, Mediterranean delicatesses and African exotics products are sold.

Address :

Ratavartijankatu 4;

Phone :

Not Available!

Website :

Not Available!

Esalam, The shop is situated 30 m from Lidl shop of Pasila. Just take the mechanical stairs up which is 5 m from Lidl shop. Walk 30 m straigth ahead then you will see to your rigth written with reg big letters Halal-Lihaa. We wish you welcome ever

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