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Islamic Center of Northland - Kansas City


The sprawling suburbs of the Northland, has an ever increasing population of Muslims, as residents and employees of various organizations. Though our City is blessed with many fine Islamic institutions, the time and distance constraints dictate the relevance of a neighborhood place of worship. For the last two years, Jumah prayers were being conducted at the Hillcrest Church Facilities on Vivion Road, Kansas City North. Though the prayers draw an average of thirty to fifty adults, the presence of women and children on a regular basis is a blessing and we are humbled at the opportunity we are able to provide to them for taking part in the Jumah prayers.

Address :

900 N.E. Vivion Road

Phone :

816-(816) 763-2267

Website :


Jummah prayers are held at the Hillside Community Church. Khutba starts at 1:10pm and Salat starts at 1:30 p.m

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