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IBS, Istanbul International Brotherhood and Solidarity Association


IBS a non-governmental organization established on 16/03/1994. Our mission is to provide humanitarian aid across the globe regardless of race, religion or political differences. IBS works actively in many countries including Turkey, Middle Asia, Caucasus, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Niger, Guinea-Bissau, Asia, Caucasus, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Georgia, Greece, Ukraine, Brazil and Palestine. IBS is accredited in UN\'s ECOSOC- NGO unit since 1995.IBS has led to establish “Islamic States Humanitarian Charity Platform” as a subsidiary of The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Some of our other activities are: Provide scholarship, accommodation and educational services for students coming from other countries. Organize seminars, conferences, scientific studies and cultural activities in countries.

Address :

Bulgurlu Mah. Libadiye Cad. No:48 D:6 Üsküdar

Phone :

+90 216 545 71 71

Website :


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