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Islamic Center of South Dallas


Islamic Center of South Dallas (Masjid Ibn 'Uthaymeen) is a non-profit Islaamic institution located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. It was established upon strict adherence to the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu 'Alayhi Wa Sallam) and his noble Companions. Services Masjid Ibn 'Uthaymeen currently provides the following basic services: * Five daily prayers * Friday prayers every week at 1:30PM * Islaamic marriage ceremonies (including certificates) * Shahadah certificates * Islaamic will storage In addition to providing the aforementioned services, Masjid Ibn 'Uthaymeen, also actively engages in da'wah activities which include: * Classes about various Islaamic topics at the center * Dissemination of Islaamic information via print media and the Internet * Broadcasting of Islaamic lectures 24x7 via our Internet radio station

Address :

2806 Martin Luther King Blvd

Phone :

(214) 256-3202

Website :


Email :

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