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Bangladesh Qura'an Sunnah Parishad Qatar


It is an Islamic Center for Da'wah amongst Bangladeshi expats in Qatar. The focal point is to invite all people in common, especially Bangladeshi community to follow the teachings of Allah & His Last and Final Messenger. The core activity for its feasibility includes the following under the supervision & patronage of Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs, State of Qatar: 1. Teaching Recitation of the Holy Quran to those ignorant. 2. Study Circle to those who know how to read it, and willing further study. 3. Darsul Quran in commons in suitable places. 4. Encourage people in learning Arabic Language. 5. Encouraging programs in moral development. 6. Programs amongst community trending general awareness of local rules & regulation. Also, encourage contributing their highest in development of the homeland. 7. Islamic Cultural Activities.

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Shara' Abdul Aziz

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