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Centro Educativo de la Comunidad Musulmana A.C.


The \' Centro Educativo de la Comunidad Musulmana \' is an Islamic Center, which offers dawa\' and informs the Mexican Comunity of what is Islam, and guides them in prayers and helps them understand the religion a bit more clearer. The center regularly is opened for all five prayers and continously opened from 12 to after ishaa\'. We have a jumaa\' services every friday and also give classes on basic principles of Islam on Saturday\'s and sometimes also on sundays.

Address :

Euclides 25 Col. Anzures

Phone :


Website :

Not Available!

Email :

Not Available!

It is near the Metro Polanco. You exit \'Metro Polanco\' and walk on Horacio towards Mariano Escobedo. (Everyone will know which direction it is, so simply ask) Mariano Escobedo tak a Left, continue for about 3 blocks until you see a \'Sanborns Cafe\' on

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