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MSA - Duquesne University


This is a Muslim Students Association. Its purpose is to provide services for Muslim students and to educate the Duquesne community about Islam. Suggestions, partnerships with other MSA's, and joint organization of events are welcome. * Duquesne MSA has fallen into a dormant state again. Although it officially exists, prayer rooms are readily available and occasional activities occur, MSA as an organization has not functioned for a while. Actively motivated people are waited upon to resurge the life into Duquesne's MSA.

Address :

600 Forbes Ave

Phone :

Not Available!

Website :

Not Available!

The MSA has a Prayer Room above the chapel in "Old Main" Administration building. Go into the church, walk through to the front(behind the altar and the huge cross), through the door, and then up the stairs, you will reach it. The prayer room is free for u

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