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Henna Sooq


The Henna Sooq is your one stop for henna (mehndi) services and supplies either at home or online. We have henna artists who do designs from most countries and modern styles. We have fresh, premium quality, finely sifted henna poweder from four countries. We prepare fresh henna paste, and carry a variety of henna supplies from cones to sifters. We also have henna kits for those of various experience. We carry 100% essential oils and we can gift wrap any items you want us to combine as a gift. Ever thought about learning more about henna and how to mix your own paste? How about different henna traditions and designs? Contact us today to find out when our next workshop is being held. We also do fundraisers and this is a very beneficial way to raise funds. Here at the Henna Sooq we want you to feel like you are part of our family, so come visit us today !

Address :

432 Roger Pilon

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