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Al-Taqwa Karate


Al-Taqwa Karate was established in 2001 by Sensei Dabash in Irving, Texas. The school is run by trained black-belt volunteers to help our community. In 2003 Al-Taqwa Karate opened its branch in Calgary, Alberta. The study of martial arts positively affects a persons character by developing and increasing his/her confidence, self-control, self-discipline, attention-span, focus and respect level. Martial Arts is not a sport. It is not a game, nor should it be viewed only as an activity to be won. It is a physical and intellectual activity designed to promote physical, mental, and completeness of oneself.

Address :

102 Meridian Rd NE

Phone :


Website :


At the intersection of Barlow Trail and Centre Avenue. Next to King\'s restaurant.

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