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Higher Institute of Islamic Civilization, Tunis


It is one of the institutions of superior teaching and scientific research of the Ezzitouna university under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Superior Teaching, Scientific Research and Technology. The creation, competence , studies system and conditions for the obtention of the national diplomas of the institute are governed by the decrees n° 95 - 865 of May 8 1995 and 95-1708 of September 18, 1995 and the ministerial decree of November 3 1995. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total number of students registered during The academic year 2002/2003: Male:250 Female:13 Total: 263 Total number of foreign students Male:250 Female:13 Total: 263 Number of new students registered in first year: Male:22 Female:4 Total number of researcher teachers 32 of which 4 female. Permanent teacher: 17 Teaching temporary replacement: 15 The administrative personnel:: Male: 3 Female: 6 Personnel: Male:10 Female: 6

Address :

11, Rue Jamaa El Hawa Maakel Ezzaim- Montfleury

Phone :

216-71 569 233

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