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Islamic Center of San Francisco


Mosque to everyone and is open from Fajr till Isha. Jumha prayers are at 1:15pm.We have a Ladies section next to the main entrance. Dinner and Islamic Talk is on Fridays around Maghrib (Sunset). Make it a point to come especially on Fridays. Ladies program is usually on Sundays, check with the local brothers for more informatio.We have friendly brothers.

Address :

400 Crescent Avenue

Phone :


Website :

Not Available!

Take 101S*280S* 1st Exit is Alemany*Straight Pass light*Crescent L*Up hill or if you are on Mission Street go away from downtown, the streets will increase till 5th, 6th, 7th,8th,till you get to 29th Street.About 8 blocks from there you will see Crescent,

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