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The Cabaroan Muslim Center is a mosque, the five salaat a day is observed, and the Friday Jumua\'ah Prayer. Most of the followers are from Marawi City in Mindanao, southern part of the Philippines and those reverts from the Ilocano Province of La Union. As one observes, the mosque is 75% - 100% filled every friday's prayer. The mosque has a facility for wudu, and female members can use the second floor of the mosque for prayers.

Address :

Cabaroan, San Fernando City (LU), Philippines

Phone :

Not Available!

Website :

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Email :

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If you are driving, and you are at the San Fernando City Plaza, head to north and turn right to the 1st road crossing towards East (along Don Pacoy Ortega Highway), then drive straight forward for about 1.5 kms.; or if you are not driving, you may want to

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