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Objectives: To Propagate Islam, The only way to salvation through various possible and permitted media. To enlighten Muslims about the obligatory duty of Islamic propagation. To train Muslim youths on how to do Da’wah works. Works: Free Islam Correspondence for Non-Muslims. Public programmes with Question and Answer session. Debates with the Scholars of other Religions and Atheist leaders. Audio and Video Cassettes, which introduces Islam. Books and Pamphlets, which introduces Islam Scientifically. Books and Cassettes, which give responses to the criticisms against Islam. Mobile Da’wah unit to spread the message of Islam in the rural areas. Door to door squad works to convey the message of Islam to all residences. Daw\'ah Training Course. Daw\'ah Training workshops. Video Library having Cassettes of world renowned Scholars. Refrence Library for Da\'ees. Internet Site, which gives a true picture of Islam and provides Responses to the Criticisms against Islam.

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Abura Tourist Home, R. No: 102, Parry &Co. Jn. Main Road, Kollam

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Abura Tourist Home, R. No: 102, Parry &Co. Jn. Main Road, Kollam

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