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Islamic Center Of Chico


The Islamic Center of Chico was built in 1984; however, the land was acquired before this date. It is a rich community built with many nationalities and, alhamdulillah, we are all Muslims. Our population consists of families built into Chico as well as overseas college students. To learn more about us and about Islam feel free to browse our site or visit us during any of the prayers (times below). We welcome all! Please refer to the contact page for our address, phone number and map. Note: As many send me questions about it, there is no accommodation attached to the Islamic center.

Address :

1316 Nord Ave

Phone :

Not Available!

Website :


Coming from North HWY 99: Get of at East Avenue, turn right, following it down to Nord Avenue (A.K.A HWY 32), turn left at lights, go through the second lights,Masjid is on the left hand side of the street next to the field. 1316 Nord Avenue. Coming from

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